Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lambs Don't Like to be Wet...

This is the way they do best... small, neat clumps.

Poor drenched Lamb's Ears

It rained (what else) late last night. Also sounded like hail, so I just buried my head under a pillow and tried not to think about it until morning. Everything was sopping wet but thank goodness I didn't see any hail damage. I realized on my morning "stroll around," that I have not taken the time this year to supervise the Lamb's Ears (Stachys lanata). If you don't, they tend to get away from you. AND they do not like to be wet! I usually pack them in with companions that like to support each other... this also helps when recovering from hail. If I keep the little Lamb darlings nice and compact and don't let them spread they do much better and add such a beautiful soft texture to the garden. I also cut back most of the flowers and just let a few strong ones stand. Sooo.... I'm sorry little Lambs... I'll pay attention and give you some tending. After all, we ARE supposed to be in a droubt, aren't we???

Today is finally a beautiful day (at least for the moment). I'd better get out there and get to work!


Ellen said...

Poor little Lambs!
I just put my vegetable garden in last weekend and it got no less than 3 hail storms on Tuesday. My pole beans, grapes, and basil were especially hard hit. My poor waterlilies had their leaves perforated and are looking very sad too.
Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you live in Colorado, right?

~ Ellen

Bev said...

That's right Ellen! Sometimes I wonder why we try... but guess it's like childbirth... we forget. You must live "Out East," as we say. We watch the big thunderheads going that way. You certainly had a lot more damage than I did. Let's hope the rest of the summer will be better (yea, right).