Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nature Redecorates for Fall

It was a cold, windy day yesterday. I decided to bundle up and take a break from household chores and take a brief walk outside. Having just finished redecorating my living room and choosing a color palette, I was conscious of the colors that greeted me. Can you imagine any more beautiful color combinations that those provided by nature?

Dusty greens, bronze and beige, accented by a touch of silver.

How wonderful it is to experience these lovely colors this year.

The Sedum Autumn Joy is always a stunning sight.

As well as the dusty green of Powis Castle Sage, Blue Avena grass, and the fuzzy remains of Rose Campion.
Frosty Morn Sedum adds texture and color.

And the Russian Sage creates a beautiful textural background.

Plumbago, Rose Campion and Heuchera

Wandering around the corner, this color combination struck me as very unique.

Lastly, here is a pile of brush and leaves to help St. Francis give protection for the little birds during the winter.
When I got back inside I noticed that these are many of the same colors I used to redecorate my living room! No wonder! I'm wondering how many of us gardeners are inspired by nature's beautiful palette? Probably a lot of us.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Where Did November Go?

A light snow fell right before Thanksgiving but soon melted, just what I love about Colorado. This year there is some nice "winter interest" on the strips due to the lack of heavy snows that knock everything down.

The roses are now put to bed. I cut off any extremely long branches that will break during winter winds and then wrap the bushes in twine, again for the same reason. I rake up all the debris, mulch and top soil around them, then I added some winterizer from High Country Gardens. After that my husband helped me put down new compost and garden soil, piled up against the bushes, and then mulch was added. Now I can go into winter knowing my roses are nice and warm, and given a boost to start them next spring. I don't mind doting on my roses since I only have a few bushes.

OMG, I can't believe looking at the calendar today! November has blown by. We had a small Thanksgiving snow storm after setting highs the days before (76 degrees)! I'm just thankful that so far (knock on wood) it has not been as snowy as last year. Because of this there is actually some "winter interest" on the strips and I enjoy looking at them every day. The only gardening chore I have not done yet is to clean up my tools. Gotta do that soon!

So, where has November gone? Well, I have spent most days redecorating and painting, and trying to catch up on household chores that went lacking during a busy gardening season. Wow, I didn't realize how far behind I was! I still have lots I want to accomplish by Christmas, but the progress I am most pleased with is getting all of the gardening books out of the living room and into my office. True, they are not organized here yet, but that is my next project. It will be good to have all of my information at hand while I'm at the computer and at my desk. Should make things much more convenient and efficient. And the next project will be to start a central catalogue on my computer of all my plants (from the very beginning). I'm looking forward to winter days to accomplish this.

This week I plan to catch up on all my favorite blogs and see what everyone has been up to. It feels good to have accomplished a few projects.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Frosty Morn

A couple days ago I got up early to get started on a busy day, but Iafter looking out a window I just couldn't resist grabbing my camera and running out to capture nature's beauty on this frosty morn.

I love to find nature just the way it is, no rearranging allowed. Doesn't she do a beautiful job? Here with Lamb's Ears.

I couldn't believe this attractive array of colors arranged by the wind. A fleeting display, for sure.

Partridge Feather sage

Corsican violas. They will peak their pretty little heads out from the snow most of the winter months. Unless we have several feet, that is. Let's not even think about that yet!

This Dusty Miller sage comes back every year. It is supposed to be an annual here.

Pasque Flower foliage

Oregon Grape Holly offers a lovely blue hue next to other plants

This Autumn Joy photo should be rotated, but I loved this composition more

Culinary sage


Wild and interesting textures of Bachelor's Buttons