Sunday, June 3, 2007

Snow in Summer...Don't Even Think About It!

The way this year is going, I wouldn't be surprised. It's happen before. The Snow in Summer Cerastium tomentosum, looks beautiful right now. I read a few complaints about this plant because of its invasiveness. But, hey, when you have 1350 sq. feet to fill I'll take it. I read an article that said the best place to plant this was as a form of "dry riverbed," meandering under a small bridge. I think that would certainly be beautiful. I like it for its dainty flowers and soft green foliage.

I wore myself out yesterday trying to get my annuals in. Mostly Verbena. So, today I'm paying for it by having to recuperate. Oh... for that energy I used to have when I was younger. I used to get soooo much done. Working a stressful full-time job, raising a son,mostly by myself, because I was putting a husband through school (course, he decided after doing this that I was no longer good enough for him... but that's another story which I'd rather forget), and yet I seemed to be able to get everything done.

I notice a lot of posts about how much rain a lot of gardeners have had. More than we have. At least everything here is lush and green and it's nice to have some cool weather to work in.


Alberta ('Berta) said...

To contain my snow in summer, I potted it and then planted the pot! Seems to work well.

Niki said...

Just ran across your blog. Great job w/ all the garden pics!