Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Struggle With Red & Yellow Tulips

I like the blue/purple Vinca in this primary color combination

While attending (a long time ago) graphic design school, I learned the impact of color choice depending upon what message you wanted to convey to your targeted audience (people you want to impress). The colors red and yellow stimulate the appetite (which heaven knows I don't need) and tend to make people hurry. Fast food restaurants were used as examples. I don't know if that was imprinted on my creative drive or not (probably so) but I've never really liked that color combination. Probably because I tend to prefer a cooler pallette, blues, purples, etc. I like to use these colors in a "hot" landscape because it cools things down a bit.

Well, DS (Dear Spouse) once in a while takes it upon himself to make some plant choices to prove that I'm not in total control of all landscaping decisions (ha.... little does he suspect). One year, and since he knew what my answer would be if consulted, he secretly planted a bed of red and yellow tulips. (Actually, his choices are usually made by what is on sale rather than a sense of design.) When they came up the next spring I was thrilled with how they enhanced the garden where they were planted. Sooo... I've since gotten over my colorsnob attitude and am enjoying the red and yellow tulips. When I really think about it, I don't think I've ever seen a flower color I don't like. Every one of them thrills me. Let's go plant some more combinations!


Bek said...

Haha! I have to admit I'm more like your husband when it comes to how to choose plants. You have a beautiful garden and I like learning more about color combinations from you:)

Bev said...

Thanks for your comment Bek. I'm so glad you appreciate my gardens. I hope to have more combinations when I have time to post.