Monday, June 25, 2007

A Salute to Salvias

Purple Rain

May Night

Blue Cloud

Royal Crimson Distinction


Rose Queen

Unknown - Sky Blue

I think this is Caradonna

I noticed this weekend that several of my salvias will soon need to be cut back so that they may bloom again before fall. Doesn't seem possible it's that time already. Seems just yesterday that I was marveling at their beginning spring blooms. It got me to thinking how much I appreciate salvias. Along with many other sages, they are quite a mainstay in my garden. They are very dependable and hardy, as well as beautiful and make great water-wise or Xeric additions to the garden.
So, everyday I watch them, tell them how beautiful they have been this year, and dread the day soon when I will have to cut them back. They will appreciate it, however, so they don't have to fall down during the July monsoons which may or may not be with us this year.


Wicked Gardener said...

I love the salvias. How far do you cut them back?

Carol said...

Suddenly I feel as though my garden is missing something, I have no salvia. No salvia, I need to fix that!

LostRoses said...

Bev, those salvias really are workhorses, aren't they? And you have so many shades, really pretty. Note to self: cut back salvias!

Bev said...

Wicked... I cut them back to just where the blooms end. I just take some hedge shears and go at it. Thanks for your comment.

Carol... I'm sure salvias would companion well with many of your plantings. May Night or Caradonna are probably best for that, as well as any of the annuals.

LostRoses... Yes the certainly are workhorses, and maybe not for everyone because some of them are certainly not dainty. My husband hates the Blue Cloud. Thinks it looks ugly and kind of "threatening." It is kind of wild!

Connie said...

Your salvias are beautiful. I especially like 'Rose Queen'...very pretty!

Ellen said...

Oh Bev,

the first picture of the Caradonna is simply spectacular! I love the double color. Must have! I have a salvia in my garden too. In fact, it is the only plant that have made it through 3 winters and always comes back beautifully. I had no idea that salvia came in so many varieties, but now I'll be sure to look for them at garden centers.

Since you know so much about gardening and you have been so nice to answer my previous questions; here's another one for you. I know that ants can sometimes be beneficial to some plants. Is that the case with sunflowers too? My sunflowers has a couple of huge ants (reddish-brown) on them. Should I be worried, or should I just let them be?

Thanks in advance,

~ Ellen

Ellen said...

and when you cut back the salvias, do you cut them while they're still in bloom? Or do you wait until they've stopped blooming and only cut back the dead flowers?
My salvia is blooming so prettily right now that I would have a very hard time cutting it back.

Sorry to bombard you with questions, just tell me if you want me to stop.