Wednesday, June 6, 2007

An Advantage of Hail??

Look what I found at Ace Hardware today! I got 144 plants for $12 because of hail damage. I'll nurse them back to health and they will be great for some of my shade gardens.

Today we are having hot, desiccating winds that sap every bit of moisture from the foliage. The ground beneath them is damp to the touch, but the plants look like you haven't watered them for a month! A good day to stay inside and get caught up on some office work.


LostRoses said...

Hi Bev, I found you through "A garden by the ruins", I love your blog and especially that colorful display in your last post. Very nice!

Hail can have its advantages, can't it? Great buy on the begonias. Happy gardening from another Colorado gardener!

Ellen said...

I can deal with hail. What I can't deal with is when the temperature dips below freezing. Which it did last night.
Damage report as of right now: all my tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and basil are dead for sure. I am so incredibly bummed. Who knows what else will kick the bucket in the next few days. I knew gardening in Colorado at 7,000 feet would be challenging, but this was more than I had expected.

Bev said...

Thank you Lostroses! Where in Colorado are you? Your yard and gardens are beautiful. If you would like to write directly my address is

Bev said...

Oh Ellen, I feel soooo bad for you! It is VERY disheartening when that happens as makes you want to give up. Hang in there, perhaps some of it will be able to be salvaged. Surely this can't last MUCH longer!

LostRoses said...

Hi Bev, thanks, I'm loving your site too and it's nice to find another Colorado garden blog! I'm in Littleton, now Centennial (whatever!) we're still getting used to our new name.

I see Ellen is a high country gardener so I'll check out her blog too. 7,000 ft. has got to be a challenge for anything but poppies!