Monday, June 11, 2007

A Poppy for my gardening friends

I haven't had my computer on for two days, so am behind in my posting (not to mention gardening). My father is 91 and is trying to still live by himself with the help of hospice care. I'm trying my best to honor his last wishes and make his remaining days as independent as possible for him, which is what he wants most. Wouldn't we all? But the last several days have been very challenging.

Today I took the whole day to myself to redo one of the gardens in my back yard. It felt great, and even though every bone in my body hurts, it's a good hurt. I will post some photos when it is more "camera ready," as we used to say in the graphic design world.

I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have left such kind comments on my blog. It brightens a difficult day to find a comment waiting me and I wish I could sit down and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with each of you. Gardeners are such a soulful lot... It's good to know there are other people who face the same challenges and share the same excitement that a few plants and a little dirt adds to one's life. I did take time to take a few photos and offer this one in honor of my fellow friends and gardeners. Thank you so much.


Robin said...

Bev, caregiving is such a challenge and can be so exhausting, can't it? I'm glad you had time for yourself today to work in your garden. Even though gardening is hard work it always refreshes me and kind of helps to keep me centered. I think it is wonderful that you are helping your dad live out his last days in the way that makes him happy.

LostRoses said...

Bev, wonderful poppy photo, and especially the fuzzy green "hat" on the one in the lower right corner. Don't you just love it?

As for caregiving your 91-year-old father - isn't it ironic that the roles reverse as we get older? Nothing like a day in the garden to rejuvenate the spirit. Hang in there!

Colie said...

Love the pink poppies. What a sign of spring. We have a big clump of orange poppies (I teasingly call them hunter's orange!) in the back yard that bloomed last week, just in time for the windstorm to crush them. sigh. I should have cut them for a vase inside, at least I could have enjoyed the blossoms for more than a day.

Thanks for sharing such lovely photos. You've inspired me to snap more photos of my gardens this year as well. And next time I'm in the Springs, I'm definitely gonna make time to visit those nurseries-for sure! :)

Bev said...

Robin...Yes, don't know what I'd do without my garden to give me a new lease on life. I can just walk out and take a deep breath, look around, and feel the stress start to slide away.

LostRoses... I didn't notice the fuzzy green hat! Thanks for pointing it out! You have a good eye.

Colie... You must live around this area? Be sure to visit Hillside and take time to wander around. LOL about the hunter orange poppies...right you are! Thanks for your wonderful comments.