Monday, June 4, 2007

I'm Just Wild About.....Color!

Yikes! Am I ever into bright colors this year. Must be all the dark, gloomy days are getting to me. I had already decided to use more cobalt blue this year, and on an impulse while plant shopping, saw the chartreuse planter. Looks like I have a theme now. Had to protect them from hail yesterday and I just made it before it really started coming down.

This is killing me, but I promised my aching body (arthritic knees, etc) another day of rest before doing more gardening. Did water exercises this morning, and I plan be more diligent with them. It's hell getting old. I used to hike all summer in Rocky Mountain National Park, play tennis, ski, take exercise classes, and run a busy boarding kennel.

Here come those black clouds again. Better get things covered.


Colie said...

wow- that cobalt blue really pops amongst the plants, it's really beautiful! And chartreuse green is one of my favorite colors, I like how you've used it amongst the plants and flowers. I live in Lakewood Co and worry about the hail on my vegetable garden every time I hear thunder, so I know exactly what you mean!

Bev said...

Thanks for you comment Colie. I have a good friend who lives in Lakewood. I read in the paper that we are called "Hail Alley." How true!

Ellen said...

I second Colies comment; those colors look amazing together. I might steal your idea for one of my own blue planters.
I live 8 miles south east of Castle Rock and didn't get any hail these past few days, luckily. I'm still dealing with last week's destruction of my newly planted garden and don't particularly want to see any more plants go down the drain.
Growing old isn't fun at all. It is getting hard to bend over and weed now, even with the raised beds my husband made for me. My surgeon wants to do a 3 level fusion of my spine, but I'm fighting him tooth and nail for now. It doesn't help that I slipped and fell this morning and broke my little toe for the 3rd time within the month. Makes for quite awkward walking, I tell ya.