Friday, June 8, 2007

My Favorite Local Nurseries

This is Hillside Gardens, and as the name implies,
is on a hillside at the site of an old landfill. They hold many events and weddings here, and it is so peaceful to meander around.

Good Earth Garden Center

Not a garden center... new fountain
which will rotate water when operational.
I'll take another photo when it is.

We've had damaging winds for three days in a row. Last night the temp got down to 37. The lowest since 1906. I covered up some veggies but all the flowers did fine. Terrible wind chill today. I had to wear a jacket and fleece vest, and the wind stung my eyes. I'm telling myself it's a good thing...

that we haven't had to water the lawn yet this year.
that the city now has more than enough water and is able to sell some to the farm canals.
It's a good thing to be able to work outside without breaking a sweat.
that everything is so lush and green.
that we have not had a damaging hail storm right where I live (knock on wood).
that we don't experience tornados, hurricanes, and floods like other parts of the country.
that we are not troubled by too many bugs and pests.

So, to celebrate all these good things, and because I'm going crazy from the wind and caregiver stress, I decided to treat myself to a leisurely stroll through a couple of my favorite nursiers (and yes... I did pick up a few things along the way).


Ellen said...

Those are gorgeous pictures, Bev.
I didn't even know about these nurseries, and I'm sure I need to go visit them next week. I have quite a few plants I need to replace. I assume these nurseries are in the Colorado Springs area?

LostRoses said...

Bev, those winds were horrible weren't they? I was up at 7AM the next morning tying up rose canes that got blown over. I heard the weatherman say to cover plants last night but I had no energy for it so hoped for the best and everything seems fine, though 32 degrees is a new record low for last night! We'll get summer eventually - maybe tomorrow?

Your nurseries look delightful, and it's a real pick-me-up just to walk through, isn't it? But of course we always buy something!

That rotating fountain looks fascinating! I'll look forward to a picture of it.

Robin said...

Bev, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment. The nurseries you visited seem like such lovely places. I'm glad things are lush and green for you and that you all are getting rain. We are parched in Indy and need rain desperately.

Bev said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Yes, the nurseries and in Colorado Springs. Surely summer will be here soon! Why is it that the places that need rain don't get any, and those that already have more than they can handle get more. Just doesn't seem right??? But that's nature. Certainly not much we can do about it but adjust as best we can.