Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August... And the Heat is On

Tri-color sedum showing August color

This was the oncoming hail storm in mid-August, 2004. I hope this doesn't happen again this year. Knock on wood!

Here it is the first day of August, hard to believe it goes so fast. I have a wonderful calendar with flower paintings for each month, and August reads:

Indulge in idleness...
Sit and enjoy the flowers in full bloom...
and BE!!

Sounds like a good idea to me! I've had to rest a couple of days because of overdoing it. I reorganized about three different areas in the strips and added some new plantings. Digging in hard-packed clay at this time of year is NOT fun, but I wanted to get this done because each day kept calling for some good rain. Hah... NOT!!

Speaking of August, today's local newspaper says that "Monsoons and heat means it's August." This year has been so strange though. The monsoons have been stalled over the western part of the state, with no signs of shifting any time soon. It looks like we are in for a drier year all overall, even with all of the spring moisture we received. There is ample evidence that global warming is the cause. In 2004, we had a violent hail storm which I just want to forget. And in late August of 1992, it got down to 39 degrees. Talk about temperature extremes! Makes gardening interesting, for sure.


Connie said...

That storm photo is awesome! I love the colors of the sky before a storm.

Gina said...

the sedum is really nice. i planted some a week or so ago but no flowers yet.

LostRoses said...

What gorgeous photos all in the same shade of "heat-of-summer"! That tri-color sedum is a showstopper, isn't it?

One of the wonderful things about living in Colorado is the amazing skies we get, complete with billowing hail clouds. We've certainly had some storms to remember over the years. Which makes me feel that all the hoopla over global warming could be nothing more than cyclical weather patterns, but that's just me!

I think you're working way too hard in this heat, you'd better rest, relax, and BE!

Bev said...

Many thanks for your comments. I've been taking photos of my many sedums for an upcoming post. They come in such a variety.

Yeah LR, I've been working tooo hard in this heat... and it's been so damn humid with nothing to show for it. So, instead of working today, what did I do but visit the nursery to see what new plants had just arrived. You guessed it, I came home with some more! But I'm promising myself that I will plant only one at a time and then rest.
I promise!!!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hallo Bev, first visit. Very nice blog! I like the diversity. I wonder if I can use your pic on the beautiful but scary sky in one of my blogs 'Navigare necesse est'
or 'Tyra's Garden'.of course I like to your page. Please tell me if you mind that. and the other is
Best regards, Tyra in Vaxholm, Sweden

Bev said...

Tyra, I left a message on your blog Navigare necesse est, giving you permission to use the photo. Thank for your interest in my blog.