Friday, July 27, 2007

The Organized Gardener

This carries all my heavy duty supplies for planting, deadheading, etc. Look at the new plants I got today (yea!!). I plan to do a post about them soon.

In order to arrive at my back patio (because of previous remodeling jobs) I must exit my kitchen into the garage, then walk a narrow concrete ledge for the length (narrow because I keep too much stuff there, like all my bird feeding supplies), down a few steps and across the back porch, along a sidewalk where my veggies are located, turn the corner and walk the length of the house to the patio. Needless to say, I try to make this trek as little as possible. I carry a basket (sometimes two) of supplies I can't do without:

Gardening journal and pen
Book or magazines to read
Latest garden catalog (here it is High Country Gardens )
Bug spray
Lotion, glasses and sun visor
Ipod "Shuffle" in case of noisy neighbors
Tool belt that holds pruners and phone
Energy bar or snacks
Cold water

And anything else I think I might not be able to do without. Sometimes that includes breakfast or lunch. Now, all I need is a porta-potty and I'd be all set for the day! Taking a lead from Carol of May Dreams, who has most likely already asked this... what do you like to carry in your gardening organizer?


Carol said...

You know, I haven't asked that question yet. Can't wait to see the answers. Believe it or not, I travel light out to the garden and take just what I think I need for whatever task is at hand.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Bev,

You sound like you're going on an expedition!

My garden is quite compact and my hat hangs on the door between kitchen and garage. I put on the hat, go into the garage, spray myself with mosquito repellant, pick up a yellow plastic bucket with basic hand tools [felcos, gloves, trowels, shears, pruning saw, Cape Cod Weeder, lysol spray for disinfecting tools, and a bottle of organic liquid fertilizer] and walk out the back door of the garage. Big tools and the mower are in a shed in the far corner of the yard, but nothing in my yard is very far from the door.

No music, water, books, journal or phone.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

LostRoses said...

Bev, You're so organized! Not my strong point. I walk out the side door to the back porch and then open the back door to the garage. My tools are in there, or out on the porch where I left them, or maybe I wandered into the house with them. But I can usually find them in one of those spots!

No music (have to hear birdsong and fountains); not organized enough for a garden journal; but my ever-present Diet Coke comes with me along with the telephone. Grandkids might call and I don't want to miss that!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Bev, I have a garden wagon like yours and I love it. We have hauled so much around the yard with it. I'm trying to be more organized when I do major yard work and I just recently bought an organizer cart that holds my gloves and tools. Usually I have my phone in my pocket, and I try to keep my camera handy. Usually I just go in and out alot, getting what I need when I need it, but this also tracks in more dirt and grass. I never listen to music when I garden but I probably should when kids are at the nearby playground yelling and cursing, it would be more peaceful for me.

Beth said...

I don't have an organizer; I just carry everything out: watering can, gloves, kneeling pad, trimmers, scissors, trash bag, trowel if needed. My sprays and large tools are in the shed. I usually do the gardening work, then come back out to cut flowers and/or take photos. I still do not have a wheelbarrow. I have a small property and carrying things around is better for the exercise factor!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

LOL after reading what you take with on I thought you were going on a expedition to the North Pole or something. ;-)

I hope you won't be shocked when I tell you that I don't even have a gardening organizer. :-)

BTW your new plants look great! Where are you going to put them?

Bev said...

Thanks for all of your comments. It was fun reading them. I admit that I'm usually over-organized. It's in my genes. Also comes from the fact that our home is on a large corner lot (large, because it was the subdivision "show home" when it was built, so they have an overabudance of front exposure and a very small backyard). Both corners of the front go for a half a block. So, indeed, I do go on an "expedition" to the back, where I set up camp for the day (or until I need a bathroom break).

I try to save most of my energy for actual gardening, getting as much done as I can before arthritis makes me stop, then I can just sit in my favorite corner and read for a while. Oh, for the energy and stamina of youth!