Friday, August 24, 2007

Rainy August Morning

This was the scene as the day ended yesterday. A large thunderhead, one of many that have been dropping lots of rain and hail in the northern part of the area. We woke up to .1" rain, which made it a lovely morning for a stroll through the gardens and taking photographs.

I couldn't stop taking photos of the Japanese Anemone. The moisture made the buds a darker color than they usually are, and many of their pretty backs were turned toward the light. You normally don't see this view from the front when you walk by.

The roses are beginning their last beautiful flush for the season, and a lovely sight it is.

Yellow Dream with Russian Sage

Outstanding - Sharifa Asma


I have been adding to my collection of Heucheras this year. This is Creme Brulee.

This came in a hanging basket. It looks like Marmalade, but I'm not sure what it is.

Sunset Hyssop 'Acapulco Gold'

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is beginning to bloom. Here with Salvia 'Blue Cloud'

And here with Russian Sage

And finally, a flower head in "Grandmother's Cutting Garden"


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Lovely... amazing how beautiful those Japanese anemone buds are, isn't it? I'm glad you posted such great pictures of them--makes me want to go out and show them some appreciation, too!

Pam/Digging said...

Neat shot of the clouds. And I love the yellow rose and the Japanese anemone buds.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Bev, love the shot of the clouds. We have a thunderstorm moving through right now and I'm so thankful for the rain.

Beth said...

Thanks for the lovely photos. I particularly love the color of the creme brulee foliage, the sedum/Russian sage combo, and the disheveled or "wild & woolly" look of the white blossom in the last photo!

Marie said...

Lovely flowers with raindrops on. Beautiful photos!
Have a nice day :o)

LostRoses said...

That's quite a shot of the clouds, Bev. We've been getting rain too, but no hail thankfully. I love your anemone - it's one of those plants whose buds fascinate me. They look like popsicles on a stick and I almost hate to see them bloom!

You have a lovely roundup of roses to see you into the fall.

Connie said...

It sounds like much of the country has been getting rain. We're still waiting our turn here in Idaho...would love to see an end to all the forest fires still burning.
That is an awesome cloud formation!
And I love the deep blue color of the blue cloud salvia!

jocelyn said...

Wonderful to see how fresh and lush a garden can be even in the "dog days" of August! Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Bev said...

Blackswamp Girl, Pam and Lost Roses - I'm glad you appreciated the anemone photos. This is really a beautiful plant. And I hadn't thought about popcicles!! You are so right. Looks just like you could eat them.

Robin and Connie - I love taking photos of cloud formations. They are always so interesting. And Connie, I've been following the forest fires...what a shame! Such beautiful country you have to be going up in smoke like that. I hope you get some relief soon.

Marie and Jocelyn - Thanks for your kind comments. I'm happy you liked the photos. And Beth, I also thought that flower head looked wild and wooly. Glad someone else saw that too!

Annie in Austin said...

I'd forgotten how pretty the Japanese anemone buds look, Bev... another reason to miss them! The cloud photo is wonderful - and you've made us imagine a walk in the rain-washed morning.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Catherine said...

Wow, those are some wild looking clouds..beautiful photo!! And your japanese anemone's are pretty, I have always thought the buds of most flowers are as pretty or even more so than the actual flower...those are gorgeous..keep on taking pictures of them, and share some more!!:) I have enjoyed my first visit to your blog!