Thursday, August 23, 2007

Corner Curb Appeal

Here is a photo of the corner of our property. I've actually let my husband plant whatever he wants here (pretty much without my "advice") and I must say, this is the best year yet. He is really making a showpiece out of it. Now that the mum's are blooming they look so great with the other flowers. I see I've passed on my purple obsession to him. Good job hubby!

I've been away from posting and gardening this week, taking care of my Dad, and yes, I do have a part time job that I plan to blog about one of these times. That has kept me busy this week. And it has been WAY TOO HOT to do much of anything except try to keep things alive. Gardening the Inferno Strips, I realize, can be very challenging because of the hot asphalt and cement that surround these areas. The ground may be somewhat damp under the plants, but the air temperature on hot days seems to bake the foliage. It is difficult to determine how much to water and what would be best for them. Last night we had a quick downpour that gave us .3" in 10 minutes. With pea-sized hail. I will be glad when August is over, to tell the truth.


Carol said...

Truth be told, I'm also looking forward to the end of August. One more week, just one more week.

Your flowers and your hubby's look beautiful as always! You are both quite the gardeners.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

LostRoses said...

I think your husband's been taking notes, he's done a great job! And if my entire garden looked like your hellstrips, I'd be happy.

Bev said...

Thanks Carol and LostRoses. It won't be long now... for some reason just the "sound" of "September" feels cooler. I think I might be finally, rubbing off on my husband when it comes to plants...Yea!! Now if I could just get him to quit upending all the moss rocks so they look like tombstones. I'll take just one step at a time, however.