Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Seven Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Beth at Morning Glories to participate in the Seven Random Things About Me meme. To keep this post on topic, I won't go completely random but make it seven things about myself as a gardener.

1. I believe I inherited my Love of Gardening from my paternal grandmother who lived a very hard life on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. One day I found a photo of her in her flower/vegetable garden and recognized the look of wonder and contentment on her face. It's a gardener thing. You can always recognize that look.

2. The one thing missing in my Garden is a Cat. I love seeing photos of cats in gardens. They go together. I used to have one and she would follow wherever I went, until she became too old. Now her ashes reside in a special spot of my "Critter Corner." My present darling feline, Kayla, is a rescue cat. She is an older cat with a heart murmur and is declawed, so she can't be outside. I also like to feed the birds and always felt bad setting them up for a target, so it is just as well.

3. Simplicity. My art career taught me that simplicity is usually the end result of a great deal of complexity. First, you need to see what doesn't work before you find what does. Just like life. I admire simplicity in other gardens, yet mine don't reflect that. They are full to the brim. Guess I haven't mastered that yet when it comes to gardening.

4. I hold Conversations With My Plants as I garden. "Do you not like it here...would you rather be somewhere else... okay... let's try." Or, "Thank you for your beauty.... I so much appreciate you." Or, "Now, you better come around or you're outa here!"

5. If I had the money I would: Install french doors in the living room that opened into a small deck with steps down into the yard, put in a new driveway, and build a beautiful garden shed.

6. The Biggest Mistake I've made in my garden is planting Mexican Evening Primrose! I'll never be able to get rid of it. I don't mind it in small doses but it refuses to stay where I want it.

7. The Thing I'm Most Proud Of is bringing joy to others when they make a special effort to stroll by and see my flowers. It does my heart good to know I've given them a quiet moment to appreciate nature. A few are other caregivers who take this time to put their worries aside.

And now to hand this off to some other garden bloggers.

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 random facts as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Here are the folks I'm tagging:


Naturegirl said...

Bev your #2 touched me I also have several beloved pets planted in my memory garden.I can relate to your #4 as I talk to the plants too!Forgive me if I don't take up your challenge but I have done thes memes in the past and am not up to another.thank you for thinking of me.hugs NG

LostRoses said...

Bev, can I just use yours over again for mine? ha ha! We like many of the same things. I will try to get to this over the weekend.

Bev said...

LostRoses... that's fine with me! It was really fun doing this and once I got started many things kept coming up to the surface... very insightful. Don't worry about it if you don't have time or inclination. I'm glad we like so many of the same things.

Bev said...

Naturegirl... thanks for responding to the meme... I understand! I love your memory garden. Every time I visit your site I feel as though my blood pressure just dropped several points. Or that I've just had a wonderful little vacation. Thanks for your thoughtful posts.

Naturegirl said...

Bev I am so pleased that you understand because there is much going on and at times hard to focus on gardening and blogging without feeling under pressure...I truly appreciate your kind words above! Thank you hugs NG

Mary said...

Hi Bev, it's nice to know you. I like your facts and I laughed at your conversations with plants. I converse with dogs, fish, and birds.