Thursday, July 26, 2007

Really, Really... Slow Food

We have a wonderful organization here called the Horticultural Arts Society. They sponsor and mantain a beautiful garden in an old park downtown. Their Heirloom Vegetable Garden is so interesting because of the signage which tells the story. I love the flowers they have planted with the vegetables to discourage pests. This group does a great job in maintaining and beautifying this area.

Yesterday was grocery shopping day. It was hot, hot, hot, and I had many errands to do. I have to visit two grocery stores -- the natural food market and the "regular" food market. Just can't afford to do all my shopping at the natural food market. Thank goodness more traditional food markets are beginning to stock local produce and products. Anyway, the point of this story is that not only does it take time to buy the food, but when you get home you have to wash or properly store everything so it doesn't spoil. There was fresh Coho River Salmon and Talapia, so I had to have some of that.

We still don't have tomatoes, but I did find some nice looking heirlooms, which I added to my cart, along with some luscious organic green grapes. At the traditional store they had just put out a new shipment of Olathe (Colorado) corn which looked like it just jumped off the stalk. So, I loaded up on that. One hasn't lived until one has tasted Olathe white corn.

So, here is what I did for dinner for two (which was three hours later by the time I got all the washing and everything done): Grilled salmon fillet with a soy marinade, corn grilled in the husk with a lime-chili butter, cucumbers and basil from my garden with tomatoes (not from my garden) and a homemade dressing. Oh, and I also had to go out and cut herbs. Then, peal and cut fresh Colorado peaches for dessert. We have the MOST wonderful peaches from the Western slope near Grand Junction, where the nights are cool and the days are heart. Nothing like them!

I think that's about it, but by the time I shop and get all this done I'm too tired to eat and enjoy it. Of course, I never learn to do the cooking the NEXT night when I'm hopefully not so tired. I get so excited at all the fresh stuff and I just can't wait. And don't even mention when I go to the farmer's market! I wanted to take a photo for this blog but was tooooo tired to do so. Dinner was, however, delicious. Oh, for the energy I used to have when I was young(er).


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Bev, I so wish I had eaten dinner at your house--that sounds delicious!

How do you make the chili-lime butter, by the way? I can't really have Olathe corn, but we have some really good sweet corn farms near where I work and I'd love to add that to my repertoire. (Currently, fresh ground cumin, olive oil and cracked black pepper are my favorites.)

LostRoses said...

Bev, it makes me tired just to read about your day! Do you have Sunflower Markets down there? The fellow who started Wild Oats began these small stores and they are marvelous. Like Wild Oats but without the frills, and a lot cheaper.

While I watched the 5 grandchildren today, my daughter-in-law shopped at the newest Sunflower in town and fixed dinner with all her fresh finds. I reaped the benefits! That's my kind of cooking, eating at someone else's house.

I like the pictures of the garden downtown, and the farmer!

jocelyn said...

Bev, I would like to know which park the Hort Arts Society maintains---it would be fun to stop by next time I'm in the Springs. I, too, have been inspired to cook a bit more creatively lately thanks to the fresh herbs in my garden. They are add so much flavor to the simplest of meals (and simple is best when it's so hot, no?)!

Marie said...

I wish I could come over to your house for dinner one time! But unfortunatly you live too far away... It was nice to visit you again! I will put your blogadress on my list of blogs I like to visit, you are free to do so vith mine if you want to. Have a nice day :o)

Annie in Austin said...

That menu would be perfect for Philo and me, too - white corn! Salmon! Peaches! He would love the cukes, too.

Thanks for taking us with you, Bev.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Bev said...

Would love to have you all over for dinner in my garden.

LR - Sounds like you had quite a day also. Five grandchildren must make it pretty lively! We don't have the Sunflower markets here but we do have a Wild Oats, which is where I usually shop. Whole Earth has a nice big market here but it is out of my way.

Jocelyn - the park is Monument Valley. I plan to post some more photos of that and other city parks I visited the other day.

BSG - I found this in a Wild Oats magazine, and it is very good:

Chile-Lime Butter
1 stick unsalted soft butter
1 Tbs lime juice
2 tsp red chile powder
1 tsp lime zest (I did more)
1/2 tsp salt
Just whip it up, refrigerate and there you go.

Marie and Annie - Thanks for your kind comments. I will visit you too.