Sunday, April 29, 2007

Beautiful Day!

Feels like summer today. High 70's. I took advantage of every minute! Pruned my roses, which I did a little later than usual because of the bad winter. They had a lot of die-back, more so because of heavy frosts this spring just when they were "awakening."

The "Heaven Strips" are stunning right now... tulips have never looked better. People slowly drive by all day to see them and I'm glad they bring as much pleasure to others as they do to me. They will be gone soon with this hot weather and hot afternoon sun, so I'm enjoying them as much as possible.


Dawn said...

Wow! Beautiful day indeed!

Anonymous said...

WOW! thank you for this inspiration! i live in an arid semi desert 5a zone in british columbia and no one seems to have an idea that xeriscapes can be so beautiful, not just rocks and cacti. thank you again. love it!

Anonymous said...

Bev, my partner and I live over near Glenwood Springs Co. Thank you for the inspiration...I thought it wasn't possible to have such a lovely garden in our dry areas, but you give me GREAT hope that with care and determination I too can have a beautiful garden!


Evi said...

What beautiful success you have had.
I have another blogging friends who lives in Colorado and is uncertain of the success she could have with a flower garden in your neck of the country (she's originally from the south...probably in zonal shock I imagine)...but I plan on linking your blog to her so she can see the potential of a well planned bed, even in your arid region.