Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Perennial Pansy... Viola corcisa

This little purple gem lightens my heart whenever I see it unexpectedly peeking up through the snow. The first time I was introduced to this charming plant, Viola corsica (Corsican Pansy), it sounded like a great xeric addition to my hellstrips. It has proven to be just that. High Country Gardens describes it as "a much sought after but difficult to find perennial (I now see it often in local nurseries) that will not only live year to year...but will bloom most of the time too." It was a 2003 Plant Select Winner. Zones 4-9. The instructions say that it appreciates compost-enriched soil and regular watering. However, it resides in the tough, hard-packed soil that runs along the sidewalk and it is very happy there. It readily reseeds, blooms all summer and seems to relish any harsh condition that nature brings it's way. I love this little plant!


Deborah said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I lived in Colorado Springs before I moved to Florida. I had the native pasque flowers growing on my property. Also, violas galore. I miss the tulips and lilacs we can't grow here. It still amazes me what can be grown in such a short growing season. I love your curbside garden! (BTW, I'm also a graphic artist)

Kylee said...

You know how most people regret planting Johnny Jump-Ups because they do indeed jump up everywhere once you have them? Well, I have been trying for several years to get these to reseed but each year they just disappear.

I love the violas so, and wish I could find one that would return for me. Maybe this one? It's gorgeous!

Bev said...

Deborah, thanks so much for your comment. I am a native of Colorado Springs and love it, even though gardening can be challenging at times. At least we don't have so many pests to contend with as you have in Florida! It's nice to meet another graphic designer. Although I am really retired I still work on a web site for our local humane society. Please visit my blog again as I get time to put more on it.


Bev said...

Kylee, I think you would really enjoy the Corsican violas. They don't spread quite so aggressively as Johnny Jump Ups, but they are in a pretty windy area here. As far as I'm concerned, when you have 1350 sq feet to fill is helps to have a few "agressive" reseeders. Of course, I have sometimes regretted it too, but not for the violas!


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