Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Termination Dust

According to legend, the Native Americans called this first sprinkling of snow "Termination Dust." Time to terminate projects and chores before the winter comes. I love this concept. So, every year this time I make a list of termination chores.

This year I made a mix to top-dress the gardens: EKO Organic or Cotton Boll Compost, Earthgrow Garden Soil (for the sand in it), horticultural corn meal, Yum Yum Winterizer (from High Country Gardens), and a few alfalfa pellets (I get these from the farm store for $7.50 for 50 lb.). The corn meal is a new addition this year to hopefully help combat root rot from compacted snow.

Prospect Lake
The garden art is mostly put away. Beds are composted and new plants mulched. More mulch will be applied later. Containers are being emptied. Garden bench and potting area in the process of being cleaned up and reorganized. Perennials will soon be cut back when more frost occurs. Outdoor furniture, fountains need to be cleaned. Hook up electric warmer for bird bath. Get suet feeders ready. Prepare some containers for indoor use. Clean veggie beds. Cover air conditioner and put away summer fans. Take liquid garden supplies inside. Drain sprinkler system and disconnect hoses. And lastly, clean tools.

These photos were taken at a memorial site honoring the various military services. There are many beautiful and thoughtful monuments. It was a beautiful morning to get out and see how the trees are coming along. Not much color yet.

These striking monuments remind us to take a quite moment from our busy day to appreciate and remember the many servicemen who have given (and continue to give) their lives for freedom.


Connie said...

Lovely view of the mountain with the 'dust' on top. :-)
Happy Autumn! I hope you can complete your list of chores.

Carol said...

I like the idea of a "termination" project list. There is sure a lot to do in the fall, isn't there? I got tired reading about all you are doing, then remembered I have to do a lot of that same stuff, too!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Bev said...

Connie and Carol, looks like I'd better get busy with some more things on the list. Snow is coming this weekend they say.

LostRoses said...

Bev, I knew I was being a laggard with the fall chores, but your list made me realize how far behind I am! Okay, 74 on Saturday, and 48 on Sunday. Guess I know what I'll be doing on the nice weather day!

Ewa said...

'Termination' concept is great. Looks like cold is coming soon. But I would like still to move some plants. Looking until it stops raining.
Greetings from garden in Poland,