Sunday, October 14, 2007

October Blooms

The last rose of the year - Yellow Dream

And here is Voodoo's last blooms. I've never seen her get this tall! I think it was the new organic fertilizer that I used - "Peace of Mind."

I can't say that I have any "new" blooms for October, but there is still plenty of color to enjoy on a stroll through the gardens. Rudbeckia 'Cherokee' was a new plant this year and it is blooming like crazy right now. When the Autumn Joy Sedum was in it's pinkish stage I was sorry that I had planted them together. But now they go nicely as neighbors.

As I wander along the strips I see that my little 'Ava' Agastache (middle) is really trying hard to be as colorful and strong as it can. Last year is was huge, but at least it (barely) survived a difficult winter. I notice that most of the color is now gone from the Perovskias, Russian Sage. When the sun catches them in the early morning they have a filmy white edge. Seems like they look lovely in every stage.

I was quite surprised to see Salvia Rose Queen sprouting some healthy new blooms. I was thinking of leaving the dried stalks as winter interest, so I'm glad I had not gone ahead and cut them back. This was a nice treat.

Several little clumps of Feverfew have emerged this month. I truly love this flower. It adds such a delicate touch to the more commanding plants around it.

Here is a closer view of my 'Ava' Agastache - very late to the party, but at least she showed up. I originally planted four and now have only two.

The entry garden still looks colorful. I can always rely on Salvia 'Victoria Blue' to add a dramatic touch to this time of year.

A side view of one of the strips clearly shows that it is fall.

And lastly, it is this time of year that the annual Salvias (various reds) finally come into their own. They always hold out all year until just before it is time to snow. I love a touch of purple with them. I know... old ladies and stuff... but I have always loved this combination in just the right amounts. I'm a purple person for sure.

There are really quite a few blooms still hanging in or reblooming but these are the highlights. We've had one frost and today has been about 50, so tonight should offer another one. This has been a wonderful gardening year but I can't say I'm sorry that it is ending. Rather, I'm ready for some rest and to start dreaming for another season ahead.


Carol said...

I especially like the entry garden, it is so welcoming. And I agree, some rest will be nice!

Connie said...

Your entry garden is beautiful! What is that lovely lime green plant?
Happy Autumn!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love the shot of the entry garden too. It has wonderful plant and color combinations. Your Russian sage has been great this year. I've enjoyed seeing it in your pictures and have bought a few more to add to my one, because of yours.

Bev said...

Thanks Carol, Connie and Robin. The lime green plant in the entry garden is Duranta erecta-lime, Golden Dewdrop. I got it late in the season at Home Depot. It was a little tiny seedling that was supposed to get 24-48". It took a long time but finally took off. It is a perennial I believe, so I hope it overwinters. Looks kind of unlikely to me, but we'll see.

Annie in Austin said...

Your 'hell strips' still look like heaven, Bev - it's been fun to watch them change with the season.

You may have better luck with overwintering the duranta than I have - they require really good drainage in winter which I don't have. I grew the lime colored one last year... just the standard variety this year and have my fingers crossed.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Bev said...

Annie, you are confirming my concern about overwintering this plant. It's blooms look like coleus blooms, which makes me suspicious. We'll see!