Monday, October 8, 2007

More Information on Salvia Pitcher's Blue Sage

This is interesting! In one of my recent posts I showed this photo of Salvia Pitcher's Blue Sage (flopping on ground) and could not identify the yellow plant. I had an idea it was some kind of a false sunflower. This weekend I received an email newsletter from High Country Gardens, and would you believe it? Both of these plants were featured. It was great to get some information on them, as I was unable to find anyone at the nursery who could fill me in. Here are the photos and information as they appeared in their newsletter:

Salvia pitcheri 'Grandiflora'

Salvia pitcheri 'Grandiflora' (Pitcher's Blue Sage) is a blue-flowered prairie native, tall, lanky and a very showy fall flower. It likes well-drained soil with not too much clay. Sometimes it gets a little iron deficient in alkaline soil, so work in some soil sulfur at planting time. Pinch the tops a few times during June and early July to improve the plants shape and increase the number of flowers. This plant calls for a little extra work, but well worth the effort. Zones 4-9.

Helianthus maximiliana 'Santa Fe' is one of the last perennials to bloom in the fall and certainly one of the showiest. The large golden-yellow flowers are tightly stacked on the top 3-4 feet of the stem and the large deep green symmetrically arranged leaves make an attractive hedge many months before the plant blooms. It likes any soil. Rabbits and deer don't like it, butterflies do. Zones 4-9.
It looks to me that the Pitcher's Blue Sage would be possible to grow here if I could plant it with other plants that could help hold it up. It's bright blue color would certainly add a bright spot, especially when combined with the yellow. I think I would prefer more of a gold than a bright yellow. Maybe I will consider this plant now that I know more about it. Sounds like a challenge, for sure.


LostRoses said...

See, Bev? I knew that Pitcher's blue sage wasn't meant for my garden - "well drained soil without much clay" - ain't gonna happen! But thanks for another photo of it anyway!

Komorow said...

Hi Bev,
I like your blog a lot. I discovered it few days ago and I read it every day and every day I find something interesting. I was looking for information about perovskia and this brouht me here. My perovskia for 3rd time has to change its place. For some reasons I can not find proper one to show its beauty and I will do it one day, cos I love this plant since I started gardening (3 years ago). Your way of placing it is wonderfull. If I would come to your street and see it, I would be enchanted! very very good work :)

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