Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Careless Neighbor Update

Just missed a seafoam sage. Several sprinkler heads were run over, but it looks like they popped back up.

The snow is starting to melt, so I can begin to get a better idea of the damage done by my neighbor's truck when he jumped the curb and ran down the parking. I really think most things will be okay (thanks to all the mulch I have down) except those that will be crushed by the posts. As soon as I can get at them better I will pick them up. There are several tulip bulbs that will be coming up around the posts, so I want to get that area cleared.

New aster was in the path, but I think the dried foliage acted as a cushion and hopefully saved some root damage. There will be tulips coming up under where the posts are now.

This is where he cut across the corner. Can you believe the sprinker head is still standing? Won't know if id will work, however.

Luckily, the tires went right in front of a couple lavender plants that I had transplanted this fall.

This log was dug further into the ground. I'm really surprised that he didn't flip his truck when he hit all the logs and posts.

This is the area where I planted several small plants I got from High Country Gardens. I still can't tell if they were damaged. All said and done, I think I will be pretty lucky.

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bolderboulder said...

Payback -- potato in the tailpipe of the bid diesel truck :-) he he he! Just do it when it's NOT running okay!