Monday, March 3, 2008

March Comes in Like a....Lamb?

Such a wonderful, short reprieve from winter! Saturday was 73 degrees, a NEW RECORD for that date. It was quickly followed by snow and cold the next day and a chilly, frosty 16 degrees this morning. March is typically our snowiest month of the year with an average of 9.4 inches of snow. February brought only 2.7 inches of snow, well below the average of 5.1 inches. It made up for it with cold, however, and those 2.7 inches consisted of mostly ice on the roads. There's a good chance we will have snow for Easter (not unusual in any year) as this year it is so early.

I usually take advantage of every semi-warm March day by cutting back all of the plants that I left for winter interest (a lot this year). There are over 20 Russian Sages that need to be cut back and that is quite a job. I like to get it out of the way so that I don't walk over the many tulips emerging. I do it a little at a time, since my old body won't be used to this kind of exercise yet. Not that it ever does though. I'm really concerned about getting my gardening started this Spring, as I have been so sick with bronchitis. It has been a month now, with two doses of antibiotics and one relapse. Today is the first day that I am feeling half-way human. Now, if I can just keep it up. Seeing all sorts of little green shoots peeking through the ground certainly goes a long way towards cheering me up. Along with the birds singing more each day.


Connie said...

So sorry to hear you are still battling the bronchitis... and hope you are really turning the corner to feeling much better!
Gotta love those emerging tulips. :-)

deb said...

I too am sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. Then there's the weather, today too windy and tomorrow more snow. Hope you have a good book . Thank goodness for my indoor plants, orchids, african violets, and all the bulbs I've been forcing, they help to get through the chilly Colo. springtimes. ( i think i need a greenhouse)
"Emergen-C' is a great energy booster and if we could only rent "Rosemary and Thyme" to watch all day on a snowy day, life would be good........

Anonymous said...

How wonderful your gardens are- I have recently moved to CO (Walsenburg) from NM (Alamogordo) and am anxious to get started gardening in, what sounds like, another difficult region. I love roses and was so glad to see yours in your blog. I read all your blog entries and was sad when I had reached the end!

Do hope you start feeling better - would love to come see your gardens in person when you have a garden tour- surely yours will be on the list!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, "Thanks" for the inspiration to a thirty-something gal who will be attempting to garden for the first time ever.

Warmest wishes for you and your gardens,


guild-rez said...

This year around the world many cases of acute bronchitis, usually caused by viruses or bacteria and may last several days or weeks have been reported. It takes a while to recover, hope you are feeling better soon.
It is snowing in Toronto, but I went to Canada Blooms garden show and postet many pictures.
For everyone to enjoy during the cold winter time.