Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grandmother's Cut Flower Garden

Gardening time has been limited this week (hate that--"retirement" has spoiled me), but I did manage to get my hands dirty and my arms scratched by roses for a while yesterday. While doing a walk-around I noticed several new and different little blooms in my "Grandmother's Cut Flower Garden" that was planted directly from seeds this spring. A torrential downpour a couple days later washed all of the tiny seeds together so they are kind of cramped while still blooming their little hearts out all summer. I ran in to get my camera and took some closeups of the tiny flower heads. There are so many different kinds that I have not had before and I'm enjoying discovering new ones every week. Here are some to share with my blogger friends:

These two are Pinks, or Dianthus, planted separately

Several flowers look as though they were hand painted with a brush

And LOTS of interesting texture

Very dainty!

This reminds me of an Indian blanket or feathers

Sorry for the blur...wind was terrible...but I love this color

Even some beautiful cosmos

And more beautiful seed heads.
Most of the seeds are annuals, but a couple are perennials. I will plant this mix again next year and try to give them more room to spread out a little, although with all the wind this area gets they are nice and cozy supporting and protecting each other.


Connie said...

Wonderful mix of old fashioned beauties! I even love the look of the seed packet. :-)

Marie said...

Wow! So many beautiful flowers! Here in Norway we have had a lot of rain latley and it is cold at night. We have still some flowers left, but they are not so pretty as they were earlier.

jocelyn said...

Beautiful photos, Bev---even the blurry ones!

I love the "painted" petals. I'm guessing some are Gallardia and some Coreopsis?

Carol said...

That's quite a variety of flowers from one seed packet. Very pretty!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I really like the seed packet too, it's so pretty. It gets so windy here and that does make it difficult to get clear pictures.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lovely little treasure trove of flowers Bev! It's a pity that the seeds were that close together thanks to that downpour. That has happened to me too, quite a few times. Hopefully at your next attempt there won't be a downpour.

Love the pinks and the blue cornflower (that's what we call it in Dutch) especially.

flower Philippine said...

Well, I can really say that your grandmother really have a healthy garden. Anyway, thanks for sharing.